# Mineral Hardness Color Transparency Crystal System Probability See More
1Ulexite2.5Colourless, white, grey with included clays.TransparentTriclinic0.446
3Diaspore6.5 - 7.0white, brown, colourless, pale yellow, greyish, greenish grey, lilac, pinkishTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.066
4Spodumene6.5 - 7.0Colourless, yellow, light green, emerald-green, pink to violet, purple, white, grayTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.021
5Brookite5.5 - 6.0Brown, yellowish brown, reddish brown, dar brown to iron-black, yellowish brown to dark brown in transmitted lightTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.014
6Clausthalite2.5 - 3.0Bluish grey to lead-greyOpaqueIsometric0.013
7Trona2.5Colourless, gray-white, light yellow, colourless in transmitted light.TranslucentMonoclinic0.011
8Halite2.5Colourless, whitish, yellow, red, purple or blueTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.011
10Sassolite1.0White to grey, occasionally colourless, yellow or brown.TransparentTriclinic0.008
11Agrellite5.5White to greyish or greenish white.Transparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.008
12Epsomite2.0 - 2.5White, grey, colourless, or pink, greenish, colourless in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.007
13Tantalite-(Mn)6.0Pink to nearly colourless, reddish brown to blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.007
14Opal5.5 - 6.5Colourless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blueTransparent, Translucent0.007
15Diamond10.0Colourless, yellowish to yellow, brown, black, blue, green or red, pink, champagne-tan, cognac-brown, lilac (very rare)Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueIsometric0.005
16Marialite5.5 - 6.0Bluish, Brownish, Colorless, Violet, GreenishTransparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.005
17Gypsum2.0Colourless to white, often tinged other hues due to impurities, colourless in transmitted light..Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.004
18Probertite3.5Colourless, colourless in transmitted lightTransparentMonoclinic0.004
19Graphite1.0 - 2.0Iron black to steel-greyOpaqueHexagonal0.004
20Breithauptite5.5Copper-red with a violet tintOpaqueHexagonal0.004
21Pyroxmangite5.5 - 6.0Pink, red, brownTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.004
22Richterite5.0 - 6.0Brown to brownish-red, rose-red, or yellow, grey-brown, and also pale to dark green. dark green blue and grey blueTransparentMonoclinic0.003
23Charoite5.0 - 6.0Violet to deep lilacTranslucentMonoclinic0.003
24Rutile6.0 - 6.5Blood red, brownish yellow, brown-red, yellow, greyish-black, black, brown, bluish or violetTransparentTetragonal0.003
25Cervantite4.0 - 5.0Yellow, off-white, reddish-white, colourless in transmitted lightOrthorhombic0.003
26Anhydrite3.0 - 3.5Colourless, bluish, blue-grey, violet, burgundy-red, white, rose-pink, brownish, reddish, grey, dark grey, colourless in transmitted lightTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.003
27Cummingtonite5.0 - 6.0Translucent dark green, brown, grey, colourlessMonoclinic0.003
28Sepiolite2.0White, light gray or light yellow.Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.003
29Ice1.5Colourless to white, pale blue to greenish blue in thick layersTransparent, TranslucentHexagonal0.002
30Spessartine6.5 - 7.5Red, reddish orange, yellowish brown, reddish brown, or brownTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.002
31Elbaite7.5Green, red to pink, blue, orange, yellow, colourlessTransparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.002
32Rhodonite5.5 - 6.5Red, pink, brownish-red, gray.Transparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.002
33Bastnasite-(Ce)4.0 - 4.5Yellow, reddish-brown, colourless to light yellow in transmitted light0.002
34Zoisite6.0 - 7.0Colourless, purple, greyish-white, grey, yellowish-brown, yellow, pink, greenTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
35Azurite3.5 - 4.0Azure blue, blue, light blue, or dark blue, light blue in transmitted lightTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
36Petalite6.5Colourless, white, grey, pinkTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
37Pyrope7.5Blood red, orange red, purple red, pink, black red, colorless.Isometric0.002
38Thaumasite3.5Colourless, whiteTransparent, TranslucentHexagonal0.002
39Andalusite6.5 - 7.5Pink to red brown, occasionally yellow, green, white, gray rarely violetTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
40Copper2.5 - 3.0Copper-red. Tarnishes to black or green in air.OpaqueIsometric0.002
41Tilasite5.0Light gray, violet-gray, pinkish red (LĂ„ngban), olive-green, apple-green (India), colourless or pale green in transmitted light.TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
42Arseniosiderite4.5Golden-yellow to yellow-brown, reddish-brown, brown, black, reddish brown to brownish yellow in transmitted light..OpaqueMonoclinic0.002
43Ettringite2.0 - 2.5Colourless, colourless in transmitted light.TransparentTrigonal0.001
44Carnotite2.0Bright yellow, yellow, greenish yellowTranslucentMonoclinic0.001
45Aragonite3.5 - 4.0Colorless to white or grey, often stained various hues by impurities, such as blue, green, red or violet, colourless in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
46Domeykite3.0 - 3.5Tin white - steel greyOpaqueIsometric0.001
47Corundum9.0Colourless, blue, red, pink, yellow, grey, golden-brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.001
48Phosgenite2.0 - 3.0Colourless, white, yellow, brown, greenish or pink, colourless in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.001
49Selenium2.0Gray to grayish black, reddish gray, redOpaqueTrigonal0.001
50Hambergite7.5Colourless, greyish, yellowish, colourless in transmitted lightTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
51Parisite-(Ce)4.5Brown, brownish-yellow, waxy yellow, gray-yellow, colourless to yellow in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
52Enstatite5.0 - 6.0White, yellowish green, brown, greenish white or grey, olive-greenTranslucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.001
53Brannerite4.5 - 5.5Black, brownish olive-green, yellow-brown to yellow with alteration, yellowish green in transmitted lightOpaqueMonoclinic0.001
54Thorite4.5Yellow, yellow-brown, red-brown, green, orange to blackOpaqueTetragonal0.001
55Magnesite3.5 - 4.5Colourless, white, greyish-white, yellowish, brown, faintly pink, lilac-rose, colourless in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.001
56Bustamite5.5 - 6.5Pale to medium pink, brownish red, colourless to yellowish pink in transmitted lightTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.001
57Mordenite3.0 - 4.0Colourless, white, yellowish, pinkishTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
58Euclase7.5Colorless, white, pale green to deep yellowish green, greenish blue, pale blue to deep blueTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
59Caysichite-(Y)4.5Colourless, white, pale yellow, rarely greenishTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
60Heterosite4.0 - 4.5Untreated mineral is usually Purple Black, also Deep rose to reddish purple, especially when treated in a strong acid solution.OpaqueOrthorhombic0.001
61Gearksutite2.0white, colourless (including in transmitted light)Triclinic0.001
62Anthophyllite5.5 - 6.0White, greenish grey, green, clove brown, or brownish greenTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
63Dufrenite3.5 - 4.5Dark green, olive-green, olive-brown, black, olive-brown to reddish brown with oxidation, bluish green to reddish brown or yellow in transmitted light.0.001
64Purpurite4.0 - 4.5Dark purple to purplish red.OpaqueOrthorhombic0.001
65Tiemannite2.5Steel-gray to blackOpaqueIsometric0.001
66Stilpnomelane3.0 - 4.0Red, brown, black, dark green, dark reddish brown, golden brownTranslucentTriclinic0.001
67Mullite6.0 - 7.0Colourless, white, yellow, pink, red, grayTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
68Lepidocrocite5.0Deep red, red-brownTransparentOrthorhombic0.001
69Bariopharmacosiderite2.5Brown, yellow, reddish brown, green, bluishTransparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.001
70Chromite5.5BlackTranslucent, OpaqueIsometric0.001
71Chloritoid6.5dark green to green-gray or nearly black.TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
72Bikitaite6.0Colorless, WhiteTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.001
73Henmilite1.5 - 2.0Triclinic0.001
74Gold2.5 - 3.0Rich yellow, paling to whitish-yellow with increasing silver, blue & green in transmitted light (only thinnest folia [gold leaf])OpaqueIsometric0.001
75Beryllonite5.5 - 6.0Colourless, white, rarely pale light yellow, colourless in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
76Ankerite3.5 - 4.0Brown, white to grey, yellowish-brown, tan, fawn, greenish.TranslucentTrigonal0.001
77Howlite3.5 - 6.5White, colorless, brownTransparentMonoclinic0.001
78Raspite2.5 - 3.0Pale yellow, yellowish brown, gray, colorlessTransparentMonoclinic0.001
79Dravite7.0Pale brown to dark-brown to brownish-black, also dark-yellow, blue.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.001
80Hydromagnesite3.5Colourless to white, colourless in transmitted lightTransparentMonoclinic0.001
81Florencite-(Ce)5.0 - 6.00.001
82Troilite3.5 - 4.5Gray brown, bronze brown (tarnished), yellow brown, light greyish brown, bronzeOpaqueHexagonal0.001
83Antigorite3.5 - 4.0green, green-blue, white, brown, blackTransparentMonoclinic0.001
84Churchite-(Y)3.0Colorless, white, gray, yellow, colourless in transmitted light.TransparentMonoclinic0.001
85Topaz8.0Colourless, white, pale blue, light green, yellow, yellowish brown, or redTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
87Almandine7.0 - 7.5Deep red, brownish red, red-violet, blackTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.001
88Triplite5.0 - 5.5Brown, red-brown, dark brown, black (altered), light brownish u=yellow to dark reddish brown in transmitted light.OpaqueMonoclinic0.001
89Vesuvianite6.5Brown, yellow, brown-black, light green, emerald green, white, red, purple, violet, blue-green to blueTransparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.001
90Ludwigite5.0Dark-green to blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.001
91Silver2.5 - 3.0Silver-white, tarnishes dark gray to blackOpaqueIsometric0.001
92Cubanite3.5Brass- to bronze-yellowOpaqueOrthorhombic0.001
93Clinozoisite7.0colourless, green, grey, light green, yellow-green, pinkTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
94Microcline6.0 - 6.5White, grey, greyish yellow, yellowish, tan, salmon-pink, bluish green, green.Transparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.001
95Baddeleyite6.5Colourless to yellow, green, greenish or reddish brown, brown, iron-black, colourless to brown in transmitted lightTransparentMonoclinic0.001
96Scolecite5.0 - 5.5colorless, white, pink, salmon, red, greenTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
97Uraninite5.0 - 6.0Black, brownish-black, greyish, greenish, green-gray (thin fragments)OpaqueIsometric0.001
98Xonotlite6.5White, grey, pale pink, colorlessTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
99Tetrawickmanite3.5 - 4.5Honey-yellow, brown-orangeTransparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.001
100Wurtzite3.5 - 4.0Dark reddish-brown to black, orange-brownTranslucentHexagonal0.001