# Mineral Hardness Color Transparency Crystal System Probability See More
1Wardite5.0Colourless, white, lightly coloured blue to green, yellow-green, light yellow, brown, colourless in transmitted light.Transparent, OpaqueTetragonal0.037
2Bastnasite-(Ce)4.0 - 4.5Yellow, reddish-brown, colourless to light yellow in transmitted light0.031
3Ludwigite5.0Dark-green to blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.015
4Tantalite-(Mn)6.0Pink to nearly colourless, reddish brown to blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.011
5Brookite5.5 - 6.0Brown, yellowish brown, reddish brown, dar brown to iron-black, yellowish brown to dark brown in transmitted lightTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.008
6Gypsum2.0Colourless to white, often tinged other hues due to impurities, colourless in transmitted light..Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.008
7Crandallite5.0Yellow, white, gray, colorless in transmitted light.Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.006
8Schorl7.0Bluish-black to black, sometimes brownish-black, rarely greenish-black.Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.006
9Cubanite3.5Brass- to bronze-yellowOpaqueOrthorhombic0.005
10Fluoro-richterite5.0 - 6.0Brown to brownish-red, rose-red, yellow, grey-brown, also pale to dark green.Monoclinic0.004
11Pyrite6.0 - 6.5Pale brass-yellowOpaqueIsometric0.004
12Pyrrhotite3.5 - 4.0Bronze brown, bronze red, or dark brownOpaqueMonoclinic0.004
13Pargasite5.0 - 6.0Light-brown, brown, greenish-brown to dark green and black.Monoclinic0.003
14Fluorophlogopite2.0 - 3.0Pale yellow0.003
15Hydroxylapatite5.0White, grey, yellow, green, violet, purple, red or brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueHexagonal0.003
16Riebeckite5.0 - 5.5Usually black, also commonly light blue to blue-black, gray-blue, gray, brownTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.003
17Vanadinite2.5 - 3.0Orange-red, red-brown, brown, bright red, yellow, whitish, pale straw-yellow, colourless or weakly tinted in transmitted light.Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueHexagonal0.002
18Brannerite4.5 - 5.5Black, brownish olive-green, yellow-brown to yellow with alteration, yellowish green in transmitted lightOpaqueMonoclinic0.002
19Chalcopyrite3.5 - 4.0Brass yellow, often with an iridescent tarnish.OpaqueTetragonal0.002
20Ilvaite5.5 - 6.0Iron-black, dark grayish blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.002
21Edenite5.0 - 6.0White, grey, pale to dark green, also brown and pale pinkish-brownMonoclinic0.002
22Papagoite5.0 - 5.5BlueMonoclinic0.002
23Zircon7.5Colourless, yellow, grey, reddish-brown, green, brown, blackTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTetragonal0.002
24Fluorapatite5.0Colourless to white when pure, also green, blue, pink, yellow, brown, violet, purple.Transparent, OpaqueHexagonal0.002
25Pezzottaite8.0raspberry red to pink0.002
27Arfvedsonite5.0 - 6.0Bluish-black to black.Translucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.002
28Corundum9.0Colourless, blue, red, pink, yellow, grey, golden-brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.001
29Baryte3.0Colourless, white, yellow, brown, grey, blue, etc., colourless in transmitted light (also tinted yellow, brown, green, blue, etc.)Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.001
30Zektzerite6.0Colourless, pink (often zoned)Orthorhombic0.001
32Hibonite7.5 - 8.0Black to brownisk blackOpaqueHexagonal0.001
33Columbite-(Fe)6.0Black to brownish blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.001
34Wulfenite2.5 - 3.0Orange-yellow, yellow, honey-yellow, reddish-orange, rarely colourless, grey, brown, olive-green and even black.Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueTetragonal0.001