# Mineral Hardness Color Transparency Crystal System Probability See More
1Scorodite3.5 - 4.0Green, blue-green, grey, grayish-green, blue, yellow-brown, nearly colourless, violet, colourless to faintly greenish or greenish brown in transmitted light.TranslucentOrthorhombic0.06
2Alstonite4.0 - 4.5Colourless to snow white, yellow-gray, pale gray, pale cream, pink to pale rose-redTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.02
3Clintonite3.5 - 6.0Brown, golden brown, reddish brown, yellow green, dark greenTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.007
4Epistilbite4.0Colorless, white, pinkish, yellowishTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.006
5Calcioancylite-(Ce)4.0 - 4.5TranslucentOrthorhombic0.005
6Rhodochrosite3.5 - 4.0Pink, rose, red, yellowish-grey, brown, white, gray, colourless to pale rose in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.002
7Veszelyite3.5 - 4.0Green, blue, greenish blue, dark blue, greenish blue in transmitted lightTranslucentMonoclinic0.002
8Leucophanite4.0Pale yellow, greenish white, yellowish green, colourlessTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
9Friedelite4.0 - 5.0Tan, brown, "beef steak" red-brown, dark brownMonoclinic0.001