# Mineral Hardness Color Transparency Crystal System Probability See More
1Kaolinite2.0 - 2.5White to cream and pale-yellow, also often stained various hues, tans and browns being common.Translucent, OpaqueTriclinic0.088
2Sepiolite2.0White, light gray or light yellow.Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.016
3Ilmenite5.0 - 6.0Iron black or blackOpaqueTrigonal0.011
4Sylvanite1.5 - 2.0Grey, white, pale yellow silver-whiteOpaqueMonoclinic0.008
5Nickeline5.0 - 5.5Pale copper redOpaqueHexagonal0.007
7Columbite-(Mn)6.0Black to brownish black, reddish brown in transmitted lightTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.005
8Famatinite3.0 - 4.0Deep pinkish brownOpaqueTetragonal0.005
9Gadolinite-(Y)6.5 - 7.0Black, greenish-black, brownOpaqueMonoclinic0.005
10Beryl7.5 - 8.0Colorless, green, blue, yellow, white, pink, etc.Hexagonal0.005
11Crandallite5.0Yellow, white, gray, colorless in transmitted light.Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.005
13Parapierrotite2.5 - 3.0BlackOpaqueMonoclinic0.005
14Bindheimite4.0 - 4.5Yellow, yellow-brown, brown, white, grey, greenish, colourless to yellow and brown in transmitted lightTranslucent, OpaqueIsometric0.005
15Zektzerite6.0Colourless, pink (often zoned)Orthorhombic0.004
16Lazurite5.0 - 5.5ultramarine, midnight blue, bluish green, greenOpaqueIsometric0.004
17Ferberite4.0 - 4.5Black, dark brown in transmitted lightOpaqueMonoclinic0.004
18Melanophlogite6.5 - 7.0Colorless, white, water-clear (pale yellow to deep red brown with impurities)Tetragonal0.004
20Baryte3.0Colourless, white, yellow, brown, grey, blue, etc., colourless in transmitted light (also tinted yellow, brown, green, blue, etc.)Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.003
21Lollingite5.0 - 5.5Steel gray to silver white0.003
22Augite5.5 - 6.0Brown-green, black, green-black, brown, purplish brownTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.003
23Arsenopyrite5.5 - 6.0Silver-white to steel-gray, may have a slight yellow appearanceOpaqueMonoclinic0.003
24Nickelskutterudite5.5 - 6.0Tin white - silver greyOpaqueIsometric0.003
25Magnetite5.5 - 6.5Greyish black or iron blackOpaqueIsometric0.003
26Nontronite1.5 - 2.0Green, olive-green, yellow-green, yellow, orange, brownMonoclinic0.003
27Hydroxylapatite5.0White, grey, yellow, green, violet, purple, red or brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueHexagonal0.003
28Piemontite6.0 - 6.5Red, red-violet, red-brown to reddish blackTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.003
29Enstatite5.0 - 6.0White, yellowish green, brown, greenish white or grey, olive-greenTranslucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.003
30Euxenite-(Y)5.5 - 6.5Black, greenish or brownish tint at timesOrthorhombic0.003
31Nepheline5.5 - 6.0White, grey, yellowishTransparent, OpaqueHexagonal0.003
32Gearksutite2.0white, colourless (including in transmitted light)Triclinic0.003
33Turquoise5.0 - 6.0bright blue, sky-blue, pale green, blue-green, turquoise-blue, apple-green, green-grayTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTriclinic0.003
34Caryopilite3.0 - 3.5Brown, reddish-brown, tanMonoclinic0.002
35Corundum9.0Colourless, blue, red, pink, yellow, grey, golden-brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.002
37Arsenic3.5Tin-white, tarnishing to dark grey or black.OpaqueTrigonal0.002
38Zircon7.5Colourless, yellow, grey, reddish-brown, green, brown, blackTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTetragonal0.002
39Scheelite4.5 - 5.0Tan, golden-yellow, colourless, white, greenish, dark brown, etc., colourless in transmitted lightTransparent, OpaqueTetragonal0.002
41Pyrope7.5Blood red, orange red, purple red, pink, black red, colorless.Isometric0.002
42Bismuth2.0 - 2.5Reddish-white to creamy-white, tarnishes iridescent pinkish, yellowish or bluishOpaqueTrigonal0.002