# Mineral Hardness Color Transparency Crystal System Probability See More
2Spinel7.5 - 8.0Black, blue, red, violet, green, brown, pinkTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.066
3Almandine7.0 - 7.5Deep red, brownish red, red-violet, blackTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.045
4Anatase5.5 - 6.0Brown, pale yellow or reddish brown, indigo, black, pale green, pale lilac, grey, rarely nearly colourless, brown, yellow-brown, pale green, blue in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.042
5Orthoclase6.0Colorless to white, Greenish white, Grayish yellow, Pale pinkTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.032
6Fluoro-richterite5.0 - 6.0Brown to brownish-red, rose-red, yellow, grey-brown, also pale to dark green.Monoclinic0.031
7Chondrodite6.0 - 6.5Yellow, Red or Brown.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.027
8Staurolite7.0 - 7.5Dark brown, brownish-black, red-brownTranslucentMonoclinic0.024
9Cordierite7.0 - 7.5Grey, blue, blue-violet, greenish, yellowish brown, colourless to very light blue in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.022
10Corundum9.0Colourless, blue, red, pink, yellow, grey, golden-brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.021
11Gahnite7.5 - 8.0Dark blue-green, yellow, brown, blackIsometric0.021
12Magnetite5.5 - 6.5Greyish black or iron blackOpaqueIsometric0.02
13Augite5.5 - 6.0Brown-green, black, green-black, brown, purplish brownTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.02
15Kaersutite5.0 - 6.0Dark brown to blackMonoclinic0.018
16Geikielite5.0 - 6.0black, red, brownish blackTranslucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.015
17Tephroite6.0Grey, olive-green, flesh red or reddish-brown, dark brown.TranslucentOrthorhombic0.012
18Diamond10.0Colourless, yellowish to yellow, brown, black, blue, green or red, pink, champagne-tan, cognac-brown, lilac (very rare)Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueIsometric0.012
19Parisite-(Ce)4.5Brown, brownish-yellow, waxy yellow, gray-yellow, colourless to yellow in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.011
20Franklinite5.5 - 6.0BlackOpaqueIsometric0.011
21Cobaltite5.5Reddish silver white, violet steel gray, or black.OpaqueOrthorhombic0.01
22Chromite5.5BlackTranslucent, OpaqueIsometric0.01
23Cassiterite6.0 - 7.0Black, yellow, brown, red or white.Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueTetragonal0.01
24Titanite5.0 - 5.5Colourless, brown, green, yellow, rose-red or black.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.009
25Tetrahedrite3.5 - 4.0Steel- to iron-grayOpaqueIsometric0.009
26Germanite4.0Pale greyish-pinkOpaqueIsometric0.009
27Uraninite5.0 - 6.0Black, brownish-black, greyish, greenish, green-gray (thin fragments)OpaqueIsometric0.009
28Andalusite6.5 - 7.5Pink to red brown, occasionally yellow, green, white, gray rarely violetTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.009
29Tantalite-(Mn)6.0Pink to nearly colourless, reddish brown to blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.008
30Osumilite5.0 - 6.0BlueTransparent, TranslucentHexagonal0.008
31Opal5.5 - 6.5Colourless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blueTransparent, Translucent0.008
32Euxenite-(Y)5.5 - 6.5Black, greenish or brownish tint at timesOrthorhombic0.008
33Annite2.5 - 3.0Black, brownTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.006
34Ilmenite5.0 - 6.0Iron black or blackOpaqueTrigonal0.006
35Graphite1.0 - 2.0Iron black to steel-greyOpaqueHexagonal0.005
36Sperrylite6.0 - 7.0Tin-whiteOpaqueIsometric0.005
37Hematite5.0 - 6.0Steel-grey to black in crystals and massively crystalline ores, dull to bright "rust-red" in earthy, compact, fine-grained material.OpaqueTrigonal0.005
38Anorthite6.0 - 6.5Colourless, reddish grey, whiteTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.005
39Zircon7.5Colourless, yellow, grey, reddish-brown, green, brown, blackTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTetragonal0.005
40Cafarsite5.5 - 6.0Dark brownOpaqueIsometric0.004
41Kupletskite4.0Dark brown to black, brown, yellowTriclinic0.004
42Brookite5.5 - 6.0Brown, yellowish brown, reddish brown, dar brown to iron-black, yellowish brown to dark brown in transmitted lightTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.004
43Spessartine6.5 - 7.5Red, reddish orange, yellowish brown, reddish brown, or brownTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.004
44Arsenopyrite5.5 - 6.0Silver-white to steel-gray, may have a slight yellow appearanceOpaqueMonoclinic0.004
45Foitite7.0Dark indigo with purple tints to bluish-black.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.004
46Pucherite4.0Reddish brown, dark reddish brown, greenish-brown, orange, yellowish brown, yellow-brown in transmitted lightTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.004
47Sepiolite2.0White, light gray or light yellow.Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.003
48Sphalerite3.5 - 4.0Yellow, light to dark brown, black, red-brown, colourless, light blue. greenTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.003
49Columbite-(Mn)6.0Black to brownish black, reddish brown in transmitted lightTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.003
50Bastnasite-(Ce)4.0 - 4.5Yellow, reddish-brown, colourless to light yellow in transmitted light0.003
51Ulexite2.5Colourless, white, grey with included clays.TransparentTriclinic0.003
52Uvite7.5Black, greenish-black, brownish-black, brown, green, colourlessTransparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.003
53Pyrophanite5.0 - 6.0Blood red, greenish yellow, brownish, blackishOpaqueTrigonal0.003
54Mackayite4.5Pale bottle-green, olive green, brownish green, greenish black, greenish yellow to yellowish green in transmitted light.TransparentTetragonal0.003
55Kamphaugite-(Y)2.0 - 3.0White to colorlessTransparentTetragonal0.003
56Albite6.0 - 6.5White to grey, bluish, greenish, reddishTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.003
57Dravite7.0Pale brown to dark-brown to brownish-black, also dark-yellow, blue.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.003
58Rhodonite5.5 - 6.5Red, pink, brownish-red, gray.Transparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.002
59Andradite6.5 - 7.0Yellow, greenish yellow to emerald-green, dark green, brown, brownish red, brownish yellow, grayish black, black, may be sectoredTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.002
60Danalite5.5 - 6.0Pink, grey, yellow, reddish brown, redTranslucentIsometric0.002
61Nickeline5.0 - 5.5Pale copper redOpaqueHexagonal0.002
62Pyroxmangite5.5 - 6.0Pink, red, brownTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.002
63Pyrite6.0 - 6.5Pale brass-yellowOpaqueIsometric0.002
64Hydroxylapatite5.0White, grey, yellow, green, violet, purple, red or brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueHexagonal0.002
65Wodginite5.5Red-brown, dark brown to blackOpaqueMonoclinic0.002
66Schorl7.0Bluish-black to black, sometimes brownish-black, rarely greenish-black.Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.002
67Molybdenite1.0 - 1.5Black, lead gray, or grayOpaqueHexagonal0.002
68Heterosite4.0 - 4.5Untreated mineral is usually Purple Black, also Deep rose to reddish purple, especially when treated in a strong acid solution.OpaqueOrthorhombic0.002
69Riebeckite5.0 - 5.5Usually black, also commonly light blue to blue-black, gray-blue, gray, brownTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.002
70Sillimanite6.5 - 7.5Colorless, white, yellow, brown, green, gray.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
71Pyrope7.5Blood red, orange red, purple red, pink, black red, colorless.Isometric0.002
72Greenockite3.0 - 3.5Yellow to red.TranslucentHexagonal0.002
73Rutile6.0 - 6.5Blood red, brownish yellow, brown-red, yellow, greyish-black, black, brown, bluish or violetTransparentTetragonal0.002
75Perovskite5.5Dark brown, black, red-brown, yellow shadesTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
76Babingtonite5.5 - 6.0Dark greenish-blackOpaqueTriclinic0.002
77Marcasite6.0 - 6.5Pale brass-yellow, tin-white on fresh exposures.OpaqueOrthorhombic0.002
78Dumortierite7.0 - 8.0Blue, greenish-blue, violet-blue, pale blue, pink, redTranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
79Calcite3.0White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray etc.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.002
80Lollingite5.0 - 5.5Steel gray to silver white0.002
81Chabazite-Ca4.0 - 5.0Colourless, white, yellow, pink, redTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.002
82Genthelvite6.0 - 6.5Colourless, white, yellow, green, pink to red, darkens to brown and black on weatheringTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.002
83Phlogopite2.0 - 3.0Brown, gray, green, yellow, or reddish brownTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
84Zincite4.0Red, orange, yellow, white, rarely greenTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueHexagonal0.002
85Tsaregorodtsevite6.0Colourless to whiteTransparentOrthorhombic0.002
86Roselite3.5Rose-red, pink, rose coloured in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
87Aenigmatite5.5 - 6.0Velvet-blackTranslucent, OpaqueTriclinic0.002
88Platinum4.0 - 4.5Steel grey to dark greyOpaqueIsometric0.002
90Triplite5.0 - 5.5Brown, red-brown, dark brown, black (altered), light brownish u=yellow to dark reddish brown in transmitted light.OpaqueMonoclinic0.002
91Domeykite3.0 - 3.5Tin white - steel greyOpaqueIsometric0.002
93Cuprite3.5 - 4.0Dark red to cochineal red, sometimes almost black.Transparent, TranslucentIsometric0.002
94Ramsdellite3.0black, steel-greyOpaqueOrthorhombic0.002
95Alumohydrocalcite2.5Chalky white to pale blue, pale yellow, cream, gray, pale rose or brownish pink to dark violet in chromian varietiesTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTriclinic0.002
96Grossular6.5 - 7.0Brown, orange, red, yellow, green, white, colorlessTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.002
98Parapierrotite2.5 - 3.0BlackOpaqueMonoclinic0.001
99Quartz7.0Colorless, purple, rose, red, black, yellow, brown, green, blue, orange, etc.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.001
100Ferberite4.0 - 4.5Black, dark brown in transmitted lightOpaqueMonoclinic0.001