# Mineral Hardness Color Transparency Crystal System Probability See More
1Pyrope7.5Blood red, orange red, purple red, pink, black red, colorless.Isometric0.263
2Uvite7.5Black, greenish-black, brownish-black, brown, green, colourlessTransparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.082
3Proustite2.0 - 2.5Scarlet, Vermilion or reddish grayTrigonal0.034
4Tephroite6.0Grey, olive-green, flesh red or reddish-brown, dark brown.TranslucentOrthorhombic0.033
5Elbaite7.5Green, red to pink, blue, orange, yellow, colourlessTransparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.027
6Realgar1.5 - 2.0Dark red to orange-redTransparentMonoclinic0.018
7Spessartine6.5 - 7.5Red, reddish orange, yellowish brown, reddish brown, or brownTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.018
8Manganvesuvianite6.0 - 7.0Deep red-brown, red, nearly blackTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTetragonal0.016
9Cinnabar2.0 - 2.5Tint or shade of red, cochineal red, brownish redTransparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.016
10Bustamite5.5 - 6.5Pale to medium pink, brownish red, colourless to yellowish pink in transmitted lightTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.015
11Allanite-(Ce)5.5 - 6.0Brown to blackTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.014
12Opal5.5 - 6.5Colourless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blueTransparent, Translucent0.014
13Autunite2.0 - 2.5Yellow, greenish-yellow, pale green, dark green, greenish black.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.012
14Piemontite6.0 - 6.5Red, red-violet, red-brown to reddish blackTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.011
15Dravite7.0Pale brown to dark-brown to brownish-black, also dark-yellow, blue.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.011
16Quartz7.0Colorless, purple, rose, red, black, yellow, brown, green, blue, orange, etc.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.01
17Pyrargyrite2.5Deep red or red grayTranslucentTrigonal0.009
18Eucryptite6.5Colorless, white, pale tan, pale gray.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.008
19Thorite4.5Yellow, yellow-brown, red-brown, green, orange to blackOpaqueTetragonal0.008
20Vanadinite2.5 - 3.0Orange-red, red-brown, brown, bright red, yellow, whitish, pale straw-yellow, colourless or weakly tinted in transmitted light.Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueHexagonal0.008
21Eudialyte5.0 - 6.0Variable: Carmine-red, orange-red, orange, pink, cherry-red, brownish-red, yellowish-brown, brown, yellow, violet, green.TranslucentTrigonal0.007
22Rhodochrosite3.5 - 4.0Pink, rose, red, yellowish-grey, brown, white, gray, colourless to pale rose in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.007
23Parapierrotite2.5 - 3.0BlackOpaqueMonoclinic0.007
24Diaspore6.5 - 7.0white, brown, colourless, pale yellow, greyish, greenish grey, lilac, pinkishTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.006
25Tantalite-(Mn)6.0Pink to nearly colourless, reddish brown to blackOpaqueOrthorhombic0.006
26Graphite1.0 - 2.0Iron black to steel-greyOpaqueHexagonal0.006
27Ferro-hornblende5.0 - 6.0Dark green to black, greenish-brown, more rarely lighter greenMonoclinic0.006
28Getchellite1.5 - 2.0Dark blood redTransparentMonoclinic0.006
29Forsterite7.0Green, pale yellow or white.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.006
30Crocoite2.5 - 3.0Orange, red, yellow, orange-red in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.005
31Molybdofornacite2.0 - 3.0Light greenMonoclinic0.005
32Rutile6.0 - 6.5Blood red, brownish yellow, brown-red, yellow, greyish-black, black, brown, bluish or violetTransparentTetragonal0.005
33Arsenic3.5Tin-white, tarnishing to dark grey or black.OpaqueTrigonal0.005
34Fettelite3.5Dark violet to scarletOpaqueMonoclinic0.004
35Corundum9.0Colourless, blue, red, pink, yellow, grey, golden-brownTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueTrigonal0.004
36Willemite5.5Colorless, white, pastel green, apple-green, light blue, azure-blue, yellow, burgundy-red, brown, mahogany-brown, gray, black, pinkTransparent, TranslucentTrigonal0.004
37Variscite3.5 - 4.5Pale to emerald-green, bluish green, colourless to white, pale shades of brown or yellow, rarely red, Colourless to pale green in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.004
38Roselite3.5Rose-red, pink, rose coloured in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.004
39Villiaumite2.0 - 2.5Dark carmine-red, dark red, light orange, pinkTransparentIsometric0.004
40Rhodonite5.5 - 6.5Red, pink, brownish-red, gray.Transparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.004
41Probertite3.5Colourless, colourless in transmitted lightTransparentMonoclinic0.004
42Edenite5.0 - 6.0White, grey, pale to dark green, also brown and pale pinkish-brownMonoclinic0.003
43Vlasovite6.0Colorless, honey-brownTranslucentMonoclinic0.003
44Augite5.5 - 6.0Brown-green, black, green-black, brown, purplish brownTranslucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.003
46Vesuvianite6.5Brown, yellow, brown-black, light green, emerald green, white, red, purple, violet, blue-green to blueTransparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.003
47Chondrodite6.0 - 6.5Yellow, Red or Brown.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.003
48Hutchinsonite1.5 - 2.0Scarlet-vermillion to deep cherry-redOrthorhombic0.003
49Baddeleyite6.5Colourless to yellow, green, greenish or reddish brown, brown, iron-black, colourless to brown in transmitted lightTransparentMonoclinic0.003
50Sengierite2.5Olive-green, yellowish greenTransparentMonoclinic0.003
51Olivenite3.0Olive green to yellow or brown, gray-green, grayish white, light green in transmitted light.Translucent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.003
52Diopside5.5 - 6.5light to dark green, blue, brown, colourless, snow white, grey, pale violetTransparent, OpaqueMonoclinic0.003
53Calderonite3.0 - 4.0reddish orange to reddish brown, yellow0.003
54Enstatite5.0 - 6.0White, yellowish green, brown, greenish white or grey, olive-greenTranslucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.003
55Meta-autunite2.0 - 2.5greenish yellow, lemon yellowTranslucentTetragonal0.003
56Tremolite5.0 - 6.0White, brown, colourless, grey, light green, green, light yellow, pink-violetTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.003
57Spinel7.5 - 8.0Black, blue, red, violet, green, brown, pinkTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.002
58Sartorite3.0Grey, grayish blackOpaqueMonoclinic0.002
59Friedelite4.0 - 5.0Tan, brown, "beef steak" red-brown, dark brownMonoclinic0.002
60Zoisite6.0 - 7.0Colourless, purple, greyish-white, grey, yellowish-brown, yellow, pink, greenTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
61Greenockite3.0 - 3.5Yellow to red.TranslucentHexagonal0.002
62Clinozoisite7.0colourless, green, grey, light green, yellow-green, pinkTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
63Natrozippeite5.0 - 5.5Yellow to greenish yellow or yellowish greenTranslucentMonoclinic0.002
64Manganoneptunite5.0 - 6.0RedMonoclinic0.002
65Marialite5.5 - 6.0Bluish, Brownish, Colorless, Violet, GreenishTransparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.002
66Pyromorphite3.5 - 4.0Green to dark green, yellow, greenish-yellow or yellowish-green, orangish-yellow, shades of brown, white and colourless, colourless or faintly tinted in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentHexagonal0.002
67Pyrophanite5.0 - 6.0Blood red, greenish yellow, brownish, blackishOpaqueTrigonal0.002
68Lindgrenite4.5Green, yellowish green, pale green to yellow-green in transmitted lightTransparentMonoclinic0.002
69Erythrite1.5 - 2.5Crimson to peach red, pale rose, pinkTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
70Staurolite7.0 - 7.5Dark brown, brownish-black, red-brownTranslucentMonoclinic0.002
71Boulangerite2.5 - 3.0Lead greyOpaqueMonoclinic0.002
72Brannerite4.5 - 5.5Black, brownish olive-green, yellow-brown to yellow with alteration, yellowish green in transmitted lightOpaqueMonoclinic0.002
73Brookite5.5 - 6.0Brown, yellowish brown, reddish brown, dar brown to iron-black, yellowish brown to dark brown in transmitted lightTransparent, Translucent, OpaqueOrthorhombic0.002
74Pentlandite3.5 - 4.0Pale bronze-yellow, bronze, brown, reddish brown when argentianOpaqueIsometric0.002
75Diamond10.0Colourless, yellowish to yellow, brown, black, blue, green or red, pink, champagne-tan, cognac-brown, lilac (very rare)Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueIsometric0.002
76Pyroxmangite5.5 - 6.0Pink, red, brownTransparent, TranslucentTriclinic0.002
77Cuprite3.5 - 4.0Dark red to cochineal red, sometimes almost black.Transparent, TranslucentIsometric0.002
78Selenium2.0Gray to grayish black, reddish gray, redOpaqueTrigonal0.002
79Titanite5.0 - 5.5Colourless, brown, green, yellow, rose-red or black.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
80Sklodowskite2.0 - 3.0Light yellow to green-yellowTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.002
81Sillimanite6.5 - 7.5Colorless, white, yellow, brown, green, gray.Transparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.002
82Hubnerite4.0 - 4.5Yellow-brown, reddish-brown, blackish brown, black, red (rare)0.002
83Minium2.5Red, brownish-red, yellowish tint at times, red in transmitted light.TranslucentTetragonal0.002
84Hematite5.0 - 6.0Steel-grey to black in crystals and massively crystalline ores, dull to bright "rust-red" in earthy, compact, fine-grained material.OpaqueTrigonal0.001
85Boracite7.0 - 7.5Green, blue, colourless, grey, white, dark green (ferroan), colourless in transmitted lightTransparent, TranslucentOrthorhombic0.001
86Britholite-(Ce)5.5Brown, greenish brown, yellow, resin brown, black.Hexagonal0.001
87Brochantite3.5 - 4.0Green, emerald green, green-black, light green, bluish green in transmitted light.Transparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
88Hewettite4.0 - 4.5Deep red, chocolate brown (upon exposure), red to orange in transmitted lightTransparentMonoclinic0.001
89Amesite2.5 - 3.0Originally pale grayish blue-green, also white, colourless, pale green, pink to lilac (chromian)TranslucentTriclinic0.001
90Andradite6.5 - 7.0Yellow, greenish yellow to emerald-green, dark green, brown, brownish red, brownish yellow, grayish black, black, may be sectoredTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.001
91Ettringite2.0 - 2.5Colourless, colourless in transmitted light.TransparentTrigonal0.001
92Sodalite5.5 - 6.0All ColoursTransparent, TranslucentIsometric0.001
93Tilasite5.0Light gray, violet-gray, pinkish red (LĂ„ngban), olive-green, apple-green (India), colourless or pale green in transmitted light.TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
94Wulfenite2.5 - 3.0Orange-yellow, yellow, honey-yellow, reddish-orange, rarely colourless, grey, brown, olive-green and even black.Transparent, Translucent, OpaqueTetragonal0.001
95Despujolsite2.5pale yellow to deep yellow-greenTransparentHexagonal0.001
96Tugtupite4.0Commonly red, also white to pink, bluish white, greenish whiteTranslucentTetragonal0.001
98Azurite3.5 - 4.0Azure blue, blue, light blue, or dark blue, light blue in transmitted lightTransparent, TranslucentMonoclinic0.001
99Saleeite2.0 - 3.0Lemon-yellow, straw-yellow, greenish yellow0.001
100Bariopharmacosiderite2.5Brown, yellow, reddish brown, green, bluishTransparent, TranslucentTetragonal0.001